My two passions are family and photography. This day was the best of both. My oldest granddaughter, Anna, received a pocket camera for Christmas, so we were looking for a chance to try it out. And of course Grampa had lots of photography wisdom to impart on his young protege.
So off we went to one of her favorite spots – the Dallas Zoo. An explanation of the “rule of thirds” and leading lines with a quick discussion of framing, and our lesson on composition was complete. Being a member of Mensa and an accomplished artist herself, Anna picked up my tips readily. So off we went, in search of lions and tigers and bears, oh no!
The highlight was the reptile area where we found a lizardly chameleon, awaiting his portrait. It wasn’t long before we both discovered that the cameras around our necks weren’t as handy as the iPhones in our pockets. So what began as a scholarly venture became a camera phone play time. All the better, I think. I think Anna played her obliging granddaughter part well, and I know I’ll never forget our photo outing to the Zoo.