The best day ever in my career was yesterday. I’ve been doing photography for 51 years, 14 of it professionally. I spent 40 of those years as a horticulturist/garden writer/photographer and have worked for the top nurseries in north Texas. I’ve been married to the same wonderful (amazing) woman for almost 41 years.
So why was yesterday the best day of my career ever? Well, I believe that every day has a purpose in God’s plan for us. So every day of my life prepared me for yesterday. My marriage, my children and grandchildren, my work, my computer skills, my photography talent and passion. 


They all came together right here, in this little blog.


What began as an assignment from my marketing coach, DotJenna (, has become a great joy in my life. Here is the feedback I got from my marketing group friends on Facebook (read from the bottom up.)

When my wife, Susan, read my latest posts last night, she said, “Honey, that is really good. I really like this.” Wow!

It’s no secret that I love appreciation and kudos from the people who mean most to me. I appreciate your comments and support also. If you would subscribe to this blog, in return I will give you myself, one post at a time.