Or, how to fix your goofy color photos.

The human eye and brain working together are pretty amazing. Our brains are constantly sorting through the confusion our eyes see to make order of things. Even photos with goofy color are “fixed” in the brain. Here’s an example:

Not a bad photo of my friend Saxon Holt, except the color is screwy! Much too red. But you can see it’s a guy holding a camera that is probably black. Right?

Doesn’t look too bad, huh? What if you saw a color corrected version like this:

If some of your photos look like the first one, one thing you can do to fix that is to set the “white balance” in your camera. In your camera’s Menu, set the white balance to match the type of light your subject is in. If you are in “mixed lighting” like room lamps with  sunlight through a window, you may be able to set a “custom white balance”. Check your owner’s manual for info on how to do that.

And for some real geeky info on color, check out this article in the Digital Photography School: How Colour Works

And enjoy Saxon’s blog, Mental Seeds, here: Saxon Holt’s photoblog