…are taken every year. According to a compilation by Michael Lesk in 1996, 52 billion were taken. More recently I heard 62 billion, 58 billion of which were taken with a cell photo/camera. So what, you say? So what?

Well that means that most people are happy to take and post on FB whatever comes out of their cell phones. Cases in point:

Some are decent – some are not. And these are not just random photos taken on the fly – these are these folks’ FB profile pix!

So what’s the point? I’m glad you asked. PEOPLE TAKE PICTURES FOR FUN (QUALITY IS OPTIONAL).

So, while I can be as serious about photography as the next photo pro, here we are going to have fun with our photos. I have a leading edge pro grade HDSLR (high definition single lens reflex camera) with a gazillion gigabyte sensor, shoots 30 frames per second, cost three month’s salary and is a real chick magnet (I wish). BUT, lately I’ve been having FUN with a “plastic fantastic” Holga and some fun iPhone apps for when I’m just having fun taking pix with my cell phone.

My next posts will share with you what I’ve been having fun with lately and how you, too, can be the envy of all your friends!!! lol