We’ve all owned things we probably wish we still had. For us car nuts, it’s probably a car or truck we could kick ourselves for selling, wishing it were still around. This is about a group of cars I never owned, but I really miss them all the same.

A few summers back, my cousin Mike emailed me and said, “They are crushing the cars.” My heart sank for I knew exactly what he was talking about. He and I had seen them many times at the former Midway Drive-in Movie in Sweetwater Texas where he lives. That abandoned drive-in was the graveyard of some classic American iron, cars and trucks from the 40’s and 50s that hadn’t run in decades. I answered him back. “We’ve got to do something!” An hour later he replied “too late – they’re all gone – they only kept a couple at the junk yard across the street.”

My mind raced with what could have been done:

  • Buy the lot of them and sell them to collectors.
  • Advertise the parts for sale.
  • Restore some of the best ones.

No matter now – they were gone. Not that I could afford to do much with them anyway, but the thought of them all being crushed for scrap metal at 10 cents a pound was almost criminal.

Fortunately I had photographed them during a previous visit there. So all I have now is memories of that day seeing the cars, meeting the owner, and these photos:

I chuckle at the irony of this one – a flame-painted truck hood, once the pride and joy of a local hotrodder – now rusting in the bed of the truck.

We all have things we wish we had said or done differently in our pasts. But this is not about regrets, and guilt is the devil’s playground. Do I have anything important left unsaid or undone in my life? As long as I’m breathing, it’s not too late.